Trauma-Informed | Attachment-Focused | Faith-Based seminars are now available as workshops, half-day or full-day trainings. Your participants will receive customized information, including topics on…

  • Heavenly perspectives on Earthly Hurts: Understanding Faith-Based, Trauma-Informed Training
  • The Divine Order of Development & Why the Spirit Matters
  • Healing the Heart Interview
  • The Hardest Choice for Healing: Family Forgiveness & Reconciliation
  • Slinky Science and the Window of Tolerance
  • Rewiring Your Child’s Brain: Yes, you can!
  • Building Neuro Resilience People
  • Cleaning Up Our Messes (The key to managing our lives)
  • Calling Out The Gold (Identity and Transformation)
  • The Beautiful, Wonderful, Broken Brain
  • The Better Behavior Chart (All the others suck…)
  • Foolproof Family Meetings (Shortest route to happy people)
  • Never do a Time-Out Again: Creating a Calm Down Box
  • R.E.S.T. (REstoring your Soul from Trauma)
  • Traditional vs Attachment-Based Parenting
  • Trauma and Sensory-Processing: Reconnecting the body and the brain
  • Power-Filled Families: Eliminate Power Struggles Forever
  • Negative Fasts and Positivity Feasts
  • The Courage To Be Imperfect
  • Taking Thoughts Captive Toolbox
  • Healing Special Needs Children
  • Executive Functioning Skills (It’s not about behavior…)
  • There is HOPE for the Journey!

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Sample Worksheet:

Sample Worksheet:

Sample Worksheet:


“Ron is an exceptional trainer, clinician and child welfare professional. As both a trainer and a public speaker, Ron’s ability to connect his audience to the message is one of his trademarks. In addition to his speaking abilities, Ron is a fantastic writer. He fluidly translates relevant research to his experience as a practitioner, making his work relevant to other professionals in the field, as well as parents.”

– Catie Hargove, Former Director of Kinship Center Education Institute.

Ron Huxley is a…

National Parenting Expert:

Ron has spoken to parents on the importance of having a Balanced Parenting Styles and Secure Attachment in every conceivable setting, from a Women’s Prison to Parent/Teacher Conferences to Corporate Board Rooms. He has written articles for Disney Family, Child Magazine, Readers Digest,Pregnancy Magazine, the Recovery Journal, Self-Help Online and Woman’s World. He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows including BBC Radio, LA Talk Radio, the Leeza Gibbons Show, Parents Tool Talk Radio and Currently, he is directing a children’s mental health clinic in California that specializes in attachment and trauma issues for foster care and adoptive families.

Book Author:

Love & Limits: Achieving a Balance in Parenting

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101 Parenting Tools: Building the Family of Your Dreams Contributing Writer to:

“Dances With Words: Poetry Anthology I and II”

The Recovery Journal

Pregnancy Magazine

Self-Help Magazine Online

Woman’s World Magazine

Curriculum Developer of:

A.N.G.E.R.  S.M.A.R.T.  Seminars

The heART and Science of Trauma-Informed Care Seminars

Faith In Motion Seminar Series

Faith-Based Trauma Transformation

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Ron Huxley has presented for Bank of America, Pacific Gas and Electric, Abbot Labs, Household Financial, Novell, Coalinga Women’s Prison, American Health, Child Abuse Council, Child Care Resource and Referral Network, Children’s Services Network, Allstate Insurance, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council, Early Childhood Coalition, The Women’s Conference, and a host of conferences, school programs and professional associations.

Ron has over 20 years of experience as a parenting educator, syndicated author and child and family therapist. He is entertaining as well as informative.

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