Parenting Paupers or Princes?

by Ron Huxley, LMFT

There are areas in our parenting where we think like princes or princesses. We are fully confident about our abilities to handle a situation. There are also areas where we think like paupers, poor in attitude and low in confidence. A prince(ss) is rich in resources. They know respect and honor from those around them. A pauper lives by survival skills and manipulation and secrecy is the game of life. A prince(ss) feels deserving of worthy and is valued and feels valuable. A pauper feels worthlessness, shame and guilt. 

Are you a parenting prince(ss) or a parenting pauper? Do you feel confident and worthy to the task of parenting? Are you controlled by guilt, manipulation and shame? Do you experience respect or disdain from your family members? Is your household ruled by love or fear?

It is possible to think like a prince(ss) in some areas of our lives and like a pauper in others all at the same time. It may not be all of our parenting that suffers but there may be some key areas that are creating some big trouble. Take time to honestly evaluate where you are thinking like a prince(ss) or pauper. Allow yourself to find new value and think differently about your family relationships. Create a self clare plan. Read, watch, listen or hang out with prince(sses) and learn a different mindset for parenting. 

A parenting pauper has few or no tools to build a family of their dreams. A parenting prince(ss) has many tools in their parenting toolbox. If you need help filling your toolbox, contact Ron Huxley today for an online consult at

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